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WANC 34: Listen to the Hook

Well after making the commitment to get a show out every two weeks we served up a heaping dish of fail on our very next effort.  Believe it or not, the show was recorded, edited, and ready to post by the Sunday deadline, but our website was majorly hosed and so the show did not get posted.

So, here it is, a few days late, but here nonetheless.

  • Buy a ShamWow to help fight Scientology (originally found on Skepchick).
  • The Day the Music Died.
  • Maybe it wasn’t the plane crash killed Buddy, maybe it was Slash.  Allegory ensues in Six String Samurai.
  • Jason thinks a Minbari Prophet went down with the plane as well.
  • LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, and William Shatner are all on Twitter.  So are Jason, Doz, and Mike.  No one has yet to say anything interesting.
  • Bill is on Facebook.
  • Twitter too social for you, Jason discusses his plan for the anti-social networking app, Bitter (damn, domain already taken).
  • More reasons to hate Fox, they get a cut of the Watchmen which they didn’t make.  They get buy into sequels, spinoffs, and merchandising too.  Ste right up and watch Fox shoot another wonderfully creative product in the head.
  • Red Dwarf returns to Earth, or at least to the telie for a couple of shows.
  • Broke, jobless, depressed people sit on couch at home and watch movies.  Netflix profits soar past estimates.
  • I did not go see Chandni Chowk to China.  Apparently, no one else did either.
  • Methane found on Mars.  Media hypes it as signs of life, NASA says other possibilities than flatulent Martians.
  • Steve Jobs sick, Jason predicts Apple’s decline when the cult leader kicks off.  Jason also manages to misname and mispronounce the man’s name.  Sad, Sad, Sad.
  • More doom and gloom from Jason, predicts Middleman will not return.  (Update: DVD Confirmed).
  • Government types are wasting time trying to decide when we watch what kind of tv.  Digital switchover may be delayed because 3years hasn’t been long enough for average American’s to get their act together.  3 more months should motivate them to get their lazy asses off the couch and down to Radio Shack.
  • Obama on cover of Spiderman.  A mild mannered senator gets bitten by a radioactive liberal and becomes President Man.


  1. doz says:

    I took the liberty of going in and correcting Brents name from Spinner to Spiner. You forgot Wil Wheaton is also on Twitter.

    Funny story according to Brent, until recently he was holding the second “L” in Wil’s name. He gave it back to him at the Pheonix comic con in January. It doesn’t look like Wil is going to use it.

  2. Mike Roach says:

    Nice work on the editing. That was actually marginally listenable.

  3. Anne Barringer says:

    WANC is #1!!! Seriously imo this is the best you guys have sounded. The flow is great, there really aren’t any awkward pauses and the entertainment and info quality has a great mix. I’m really enjoying this.

    Although ya know, I <3 Scotty. So I am shaking my head at the disparaging comments. 😛

    I wanna know if “Bitter” will allow you to update your Facebook page like Twitter… there’s tech at work.

    Netflix rocks because of the watching on demand (plus the Doz 3 unlimited plan). Lots of fun things there if Cable is stinking. I hear they are thinking of having a new level of membership which will live stream movies and other TV programs.

    Doz… your singing… um WOW! And that yell… WOW… lol

    Keep it up guys – your seriously rock the awesome in the awesome sauce!


  4. ladyumbra says:

    Great episode
    I learned:
    Doz can’t say s words
    Fox can’t keep it’s greedy hands to itself. Honestly I’m hoping there is no way they make a sequel and I sort of don’t want there to be any merchandise either.
    Doz can’t sing but his voice it still amusing
    Jason can’t say s words either.

    Honestly I’m glad to hear all four of you back togeather again, there’s the odd bit of talking over each other but mostly you manage to play well of each other and it makes the podcast great. You need a girl on the show though damnit

  5. doz says:

    Thank you Anne good to know we haven’t lost our original fan.

    Ladyumbra I have to disagree. I say “S” words just fine, everyone else just listens wrong! 😛

    Yes we do need a girl on the show. Are you offering to call in sometimes?

    I mean seriously folks we have a voiceline but it sits there all by itself over in the corner all sad and lonely feeling like afailure because no one ever uses it…

  6. Mike says:

    Awkward pauses were edited through the magic of Jason.

    I second the motion on using the voicemail line.

    Reminder to everyone:
    Feel free to use the voicemail line, or record something and email us. It can be a comment, maybe a story that you’ve seen, your thoughts on a movie or a tv show, suggestions for guests. The more voices we can add to the team, whether they’re voicemails, emails, or you as a guest, the more this becomes a community … which was one of our goals for our podcast.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  7. doz says:

    Of course we need to get the voiceline back up on the sidebar…

  8. nethound says:

    Thanks for listening and thanks for the comments.

    Yes I do need the voicemail number back up on the sidebar, and a lot of other things.

    After recreating the web site I haven’t finished configuring it. Kind of waiting to select the theme we are going to use in the long run before making all the changes.

    Working on a final paper for a class at the moment though, so not likely to get to that until sometime next week.

  9. doz says:

    If only there were a way to post the voiceline # in the comments section…

  10. AntiWANC says:

    Did you roofie Anne and LadyU?

    Have they been drinking the WANC Kool-Aid? (which sounds more perverted than I intended)

    The first half of the podcast was a bit of a mess but I admit it did pick up. Come on guys. Quality, not quantity.

    I am impressed that you managed to hit the 2 week goal (pretty much). I’m sure I’ll be able to throw a wrench in somewhere and send you on another extended podcast vacation.

    And I’m sure that somehow the site redesign was all intended to get rid of me. Didn’t work Jason. And yes, I think this song is about me. Mwaaa Haa Haa!

    Also, you’ll never get another interview if you keep putting out crap like that.

    -The AntiWANC

  11. nethound says:

    Unfortunately I more or less have to agree with the Antiwanc on this. The quality wasn’t great (though you should have heard the mess before editing).

    The webiste redesign isn’t actually anywhere near done, this was just a generic config thrown out so we would at least have a functioning website again.

    Some quality issues I’m not sure what to do about. Recording with people Skyping in has general quality issues as Skype tends to fade in and out and cause weird sound artifacts as packets traverse the tubes of the interweb.

    It also causes problems with us talking over each other. I think that will improve with time as we get use to it.

    Improving our quality is a goal we have, though I think it will be a gradual process, hopefully enough people will be willing to hang on for the long haul.

    If not, well at least we are amusing ourselves…

  12. AntiWANC says:

    So, today I was WANCing in front of my computer. Usually I WANC at work or in the car.

    You’d think that I could find something better to do but I still WANC anyway. Now I found out that I can WANC with bacon: http://bacolicio.us/http://www.wearenotcool.org/

  13. Carl says:

    I miss the old website. This is like a house with freshly painted white walls and no furniture.

  14. nethound says:

    Have no fear, we will be wrecking it in the very near future, just haven’t decided which method of demolition we will be using.

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